Monday 11 July 2011

NEC Interior show 2011,

Just found this on the net:

Arts Thread published this arcticle in Feb, which shows my work( the middle fabric on the the rignt,) which was part of  BIAD Textiles & Global Color Research Trends, NEC Interiors 2011.

'Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) third year textile undergraduate students, with the support of a strong academic team, showed off their talents to key players in the Interiors industry, at Birmingham’s interiors 2011 at the NEC.

As in previous years, BIAD was approached by the organisers of interiors to interpret Global Color Research’s Global Color Mix colour trends for autumn/winter 2011/2012; Afrika, Botanic, Curve and Fable. The Global Color Mix magazine is distributed internationally and is aimed at the interior design sector, acting as a forecasting guide, ‘dedicated to innovative design through inspirational colour trends’. '

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